Hard-drive shortages impact motherboard shipments

Unless you've been living under a rock these past few weeks, you know the flooding in Thailand has caused hard-drive prices to go through the roof. You might even have heard that PC makers are turning to the grey market to secure drives. DigiTimes says the implications are even more far-reaching than that: the shortages have reportedly led top-tier motherboard makers to revise their shipment forecasts.

The site quotes a story in Hong Kong's Apple Daily, which says Asus and Gigabyte now expect fourth-quarter motherboard shipments to decline by 10% and 20%, respectively. Previously, the two companies anticipated growth in their shipments—"less than 5%" for Asus and 10-15% for Gigabyte.

DigiTimes says the hard-drive shortages have "significantly impacted the demand in the PC DIY market." It's no wonder why. Folks building new PCs from scratch are going to want the whole banana, hard drive and all, but they might balk at shelling out $160 for a 1TB Samsung Spinpoint F3 or $200 for a 2TB Western Digital Caviar Green, especially when those drives were selling at half the price mere months ago.

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