Colorful GTX 560 Ti goes way, way over the top

What's the most over-the-top graphics card you've ever seen? Now, while you have that fresh in your mind, check out the iGame GTX 560 Ti Kudan from Chinese graphics card maker Colorful Technology.

Somewhere under that mass of metal lies a GeForce GTX 560 Ti graphics card. According to TechConnect, the card is strapped to a triple-slot cooler rippling with ten heatpipes and three fans. Users can deploy up to five auxiliary radiators that attach via additional heatpipes. There's also a daughter card that adds four power phases, bringing the grand total to 12. This sidekick is required by the so-called Monster BIOS, which pushes the GPU to over 1GHz and the memory to 4.5GHz. It's a shame there's only a gig of RAM.

Living up to its Colorful roots, the Kudan comes with a set of paints and brushes. The idea, it seems, is to paint some sort of masterpiece on the otherwise blacked-out cooling shroud.

The card's price hasn't been announced, and I doubt it'll be cheap. Getting your hands on one could prove difficult, anyway. I kind of doubt we'll see this monster pop up at Amazon or Newegg.

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