Nvidia Maximus brings together Quadro, Tesla GPUs

Looks like we've got a double whammy of workstation news today. On the heels of the new Opteron launch, Nvidia has unveiled its Maximus technology, which couples the company's Quadro and Tesla graphics processors and "transparently assigns work to the right processor." (Though they feature the same GPU technology and are packaged on similar PCIe x16 cards, Quadro GPUs are tuned for computer-aided design and digital content creaton tasks, while Tesla GPUs are sold as general-purpose co-processors.)

Nvidia has put up several demo videos, and they do make the technology look tantalizing. In the one embedded below, the company shows how professionals can tap the Tesla GPU to render a ray-traced scene in the background while using the Quadro GPU to work on a scene in the foreground:

Nvidia says Maximus has received certification from major vendors of CAD, DCC, and other professional software, including Adobe, Ansys, Autodesk, Bunkspeed, Dassault Systèmes, and MathWorks. Also, Maximus-enabled systems should be available 'immediately" from workstation makers like HP, Dell, Lenovo, and Fujitsu. The cheapest Maximus configuration pairs a $199 Quadro 600 graphics card with a $2,499 Tesla C2075 processor.

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