Battlefield banhammer strikes cheaters, forum users

EA has started cleaning up Battlefield 3. Hundreds of accounts have been banned for cheating. Other accounts have had their stats wiped for artificially inflating scores, although the difference betwen that and outright cheating is unclear.

While I'm generally supportive of seeing cheaters banned, it seems that engaging in questionable in-game activities isn't the only thing that can get you locked out of Battlefield 3. Rock, Paper, Shotgun is reporting that a few folks have had their Origin accounts banned for things they've written in the EA forums. Violating the terms of service of the forums apparently opens the door to an Origin lockout. EA has gone on record as saying that shouldn't be the case, indicating that previous instances of forum-related game bans were errors. Those errors seem to be persisting, though, and EA hasn't responded to RPS's inquiries on the matter.

Battlefield 3's Origin requirement has already turned some folks off the game, and EA's purported behavior will likely alienate even more users. If anything, it should discourage gamers from using EA's forums at all. I suspect that'll be easier to do than boycotting the publisher's games.

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