Minecraft goes gold

If you've been holding out on playing Minecraft, now might be a good time to think about getting started with the sandbox building game. Notch, head of the Mojang Specifications studio that developed Minecraft, has announced on Twitter that the game has gone gold. Public betas have been kicking around for more than a year now, and four million people have bought the game already.

Although the final release won't be officially unleashed until the Minecon conference on Friday, the current version is reportedly pretty close. Mojang has clients available for Windows, OS X, and Linux. An iOS version is also in the works, but it's not ready yet.

Until Friday, Minecraft should be available with its 25% beta discount, bringing the price down to $22. Part of me is tempted to buy the game just to check it out—it does have a user score of 8.6 on Metacritic, after all. The other part of me wants to get back to Battlefield 3, though, so we'll see.

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