Catalyst 11.11 drivers arrive with Flash 11 support

Wow, already? Only two weeks after releasing its Catalyst 11.10 WHQL drivers, AMD has a new, Microsoft-certified set of graphics drivers fresh and ready to go. The Catalyst 11.11 release is available now from AMD's Support & Drivers page in the usual assortment of 32-bit and 64-bit variants for Windows 7, Vista, and XP.

Where last month's release was all about Battlefield 3 and Rage tweaks, this one introduces support for Adobe's Flash Player 11 and its Stage 3D architecture. Adobe claims Stage 3D enables "console-quality" 3D graphics in your browser, which sounds about right, considering Epic Games used it to port its Epic Citadel tech demo to Flash. According to AMD, the new Catalyst 11.11 drivers enable Stage 3D across all Radeon HD GPUs as well as A- and E-series APUs.

Now, today's Catalyst release isn't entirely devoid of bug fixes. AMD lists a handful of tweaks:

  • Images and textures are no longer corrupted (Blue) in Rage.
  • Bezel compensation now works correctly with Far Cry 2.
  • Screen tearing is no longer randomly observed while moving a window on the desktop while in Clone mode or Eyefinity mode.
  • A black screen is no longer observed when extending displays.
  • Homefront no longer crashes randomly when Crossfire is enabled.
  • DC – Universe Online no longer hangs soon after selecting a character and entering the game.

Be sure to check out AMD's full release notes for more details about supported hardware, bug fixes, and remaining issues.

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