Modern Warfare 3 shatters sales records

Although most of you would rather play Battlefield 3 or dodgeball, it seems the new Modern Warfare game is rather popular. Activision has announced that the latest  Call of Duty game has set a new five-day record for an entertainment product, grossing more than $775 million. That total breaks previous records set by the last couple of games in the franchise, which took in $650 and $550 million over their first five days.

To put those numbers into perspective, check out the totals for the top grossing movies over a five-day period. The biggest earners took in a little more than $200 million over their first five days, although the numbers refer only to revenue from domestic box offices. Still, it's telling that Avatar has made less money in US theaters over its lifetime than Modern Warfare 3 did in its opening week—and not even a full week. I'd love to see what the numbers would look like if DVDs, internetional revenue, and DLC were taken into account.

Predictably, there are few specifics on MW3's PC release. However, the game has apparently set multiplayer records on both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The reviews aren't half bad, either. Metacritic shows scores of 88 and 89% for the console releases. The PC version only scores 81%, though.

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