Deal of the week: 25% off Lian-Li cases, plus more

Retailers may be gearing up for Black Friday, but there are still numerous bargains to be found this week. Newegg is running a special promption on select Lian-Li cases that will take 25% off the asking price if you apply coupon code LLBlowOut. There doesn't appear to be any rhyme or reason to which Lian-Li cases are eligible for the discount, but multiple sizes and styles are covered. Among them, the PC-Q08A Mini-ITX cube, PC-V354A microATX tower, PC-B25F mid-tower, and PC-P80NB skyscraper look like the most intriguing options.

Separate from those enclosure discounts, Newegg has a nice deal on an 8GB kit of Corsair's Vengeance DDR3-1600 memory. The two-DIMM kit is $10 off at $45, and another $5 can be knocked off with the EMCJJJE77 promo code. This Rosewill MCE remote is also $15 off, bringing it down to $20 with no need to enter a promo code. I used a very similar remote with my home-theater PC for years, and it's perfect for MCE. The button mapping is less than ideal for XBMC, though.

Itching to add some new games to your library? Amazon has its usual assortment of discounts on downloadable titles. The best deal is probably Just Cause 2, which can be had for only $5. Saints Row: The Third is 20% off at $40, and Need for Speed: The Run has been discounted 15% to $42. There's also an early Black Friday deal that'll deliver a 50% discount on the cheaper of two titles purchased at the same time. Numerous recent releases are a part of that particular deal, although the only PC participants are Rage and Skyrim.

For once, Canadians have the best deal of the lot. Future Shop, Best Buy, Staples, and Walmart locations north of the border are selling RIM's PlayBook tablet for $300 off, bringing the cheapest model down to only $200. NCIX isn't a part of that promo, but its Snowbound Savings Bonanza has a bunch of great deals, including Antec's P183 for $110, Corsair's Graphite 600TM for $130, and an 8GB kit of Kingston HyperX memory for $38. NCIX has also knocked 33% off a 24" BenQ LCD monitor with a 1080p resolution, VA panel, and DisplayPort input. Free ground shipping is available for the monitor, which looks tempting at $200.

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