DICE readies big Battlefield 3 PC patch

Battlefield 3 players are getting plenty of attention lately. Not only is DICE putting the finishing touches on its Back to Karkland add-on, but it's also readying a major PC patch full of tweaks and improvements. This post on EA's blog includes a little teaser of what's to come:

So what’s in the PC patch? You’ll see improved polish, stability, weapons balancing, squad control functionality, user interface enhancements, and several feature enhancements that address feedback the community has provided to date – plus we’re removing the so called “negative mouse acceleration” that some of you have experienced.

The console version of the patch will follow "shortly after the PC update," EA says—that's because console patches "take a bit longer due to the certification requirements for console content." Either way, it's nice to see us PC gamers getting preferential treatment.

I hope the "user interface enhancements" include tweaks to the Battlelog server browser and game launcher. I've had loads of fun playing Battlefield 3 online with friends, but the web-based interface is frustrating and awkward to use. Ah, if only EA and DICE had used Steamworks...

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