$1,200 touchscreen table to debut at CES

Touchscreen technology has already revolutionized smartphones and tablets. Now, it's coming for your table. Microsoft's Surface effort has entered its second generation, and Samsung has a 40" SUR40 "Surface Experience" equipped with a 1080p display resolution, a low-power Athlon X2 245e CPU, and Radeon HD 6750M integrated graphics. Gesture-friendly tables aren't cheap, though; the SUR40 starts at over $8,000.

Fortunately, Surface isn't the only way to bring gestures to a tabletop. Tablet maker EXOPC has posted a short teaser video of a much cheaper solution set to debut at CES.

The so-called ExoDesk is supposed to arrive next year with a $1,200 asking price. The desk screen shares the same 40" diagonal measurement as the Samsung Surface, but no additional details are provided about its specifications. Like the Surface system, the ExoDesk may incorporate its own PC. I could also see it being sold as a standalone screen, which seems more likely given the price tag.

While the Exo clip looks neat, I have to wonder whether the mouse is capable of tracking on the surface of the screen. Reaching across the massive tabletop also looks a little awkward, making me think that interactive surfaces like this one are better reserved for conference rooms and coffee tables rather than desktops. Thanks to TechCrunch for the tip.

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