Tuesday Shortbread

Eight is Enough

  1. Bloomberg reports Hewlett-Packard's Whitman aims to rebuild
  2. X-bit labs: Western Digital has to pay $525 million to Seagate - arbitration
  3. Oracle: Intel and hp signed pact to keep Itanium alive for years - X-bit labs
  4. Ars Technica: AMD's Bulldozer server benchmarks are here, and they're a catastrophe
  5. VR-Zone on Ivy Bridge and Windows 8: The early 2012 next generation multi-display
    PC and unlocking the Sandy Bridge Xeon: The 2012 super high-end platform
  6. Heise: Nvidia's Tegra 3 slower than Apple's A5 GPU (in German)
  7. Catalyst 11.11a performance driver
  8. The Escapist: New Skyrim patch will fix "long-term play" problems


  1. Fudzilla reports annual list of worst passwords published
  2. Fudzilla has HDD price increases tracked
  3. VR-Zone: First USB 3.0-enabled DisplayLink adapter arrives
  4. Inside NeXT: Steve Jobs documentary video - TUAW
  5. HotHardware's podcast
  6. Newegg's pre-Black Friday sale
  7. Dealzon's deals: $400 off 17.3” Asus G74SX-BBK7 i7-2630QM / GeForce GTX 560M,
    $100 coupon 15.6” Sony Vaio VPCCB390X i3-2330M, $30 coupon for 14” Dell Vostro
    3450 i3-2310M, and $485 coupon for 11.6” Alienware M11x Core 2 Duo / 8GB RAM
  8. Joystiq reports Black Friday PC deals kicked off yesterday on Amazon

  1. VR-Zone: Cheaper tablets coming next year?
  2. VR-Zone: HTC said to focus on quad-core devices in 2012
    and Samsung going quad-core with the Exynos 4412
  3. Tbreak reviews Motorola Razr
Software and gaming

  1. Building Windows 8: Improving the setup experience
  2. Windows 8 Beta: Windows 8 latest build, build 8156
  3. Ars Technica on the trials and tribulations of HTML video in the post-Flash era
  4. Hi Tech Legion's Cyberlink Power Director 10 review
  5. Shacknews reports GameStop streaming service detailed
  6. IndustryGamers: Xbox 720 won't launch until
    , rumors for 2012 are just plain 'silly'
  7. Kotaku: World of Warcraft 'law enforcement guide' supposedly
    reveals what Blizzard would tell the cops about you
  8. CVG: Blizzard more 'invested' in Diablo III for consoles than ever
  9. TechSpot's Skyrim performance test
  10. Björn3D reviews Battlefield 3
  11. PCPer's Battlefield 3 laptop performance review: road warrior?
  12. Techgage's Cities XL 2012 (PC) review
  13. Red Orchestra 2 update released on Steam
Systems and storage

  1. HotHardware reviews 18" AVADirect Clevo P180HM notebook
  2. BCW reviews Samsung Chromebook Series 5
  3. Hardware Canucks review Asus X79 Rampage IV Extreme
  4. PureOC reviews ASRock Fatal1ty 990FX Professional
  5. ProClockers review ASRock A55 Pro3 FM1 motherboard
  6. Neoseeker's Corsair Vengeance quad-channel memory review
  7. The SSD Review on 256GB Corsair Performance Pro SSD

  1. X-bit labs review MSI N580GTX Lightning Xtreme Edition 3GB
  2. SPCR reviews WD TV Live streaming media player
  3. TechReviewSource on 42" Vizio E3D420VX HDTV
  4. ocaholic reviews Cooler Master Storm Sirus headset
  5. TechReaction reviews Tt eSports Challenger Pro keyboard
  6. Benchmark Reviews on SteelSeries Sensei Pro Laser mouse
Power, casings, and cooling

  1. OCIA reviews 650W OCZ ZT series PSU
  2. techPowerUp! reviews 600W PC Power & Cooling Silencer MK III PSU
  3. Hardware Canucks review Antec Eleven Hundred case
  4. PCPer and SPCR review Antec P280 case
  5. OCC reviews Corsair 500R case
  6. Hardware Heaven reviews CM Storm Trooper case
  7. Computing on Demand reviews RAIDAGE GAGE104U40SL-SAUF
  8. Madshrimps review Corsair Hydro H100 CPU cooler
  9. Hardware Secrets reviews Zalman CNPS12X CPU cooler
  10. OC3D reviews Enermax ETS-T40 CPU cooler
  11. Legit Reviews on Koolance VID-NX580 GTX 580/570 water block
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