Rumors point to Intel as latest WebOS suitor

Months after announcing its intent to get rid of WebOS, HP has yet to reveal its plans for the former Palm operating system. Numerous firms have been rumored to be in talks to buy WebOS, and TechEYE claims Intel is among the suitors. Intel is already working closely with Google to optimize Android for Atom, and up until September, it was also a strong supporter of MeeGo Linux. Two months ago, Intel decided to ditch MeeGo in favor of Tizen, another Linux-based OS.

Intel says it switched to Tizen because the OS emphasizes support for HTML5-based applications, which Intel sees as the future. So, why court WebOS? Because it, too, has a strong focus on web-based applications. WebOS' Mojo application framework has native support for HTML5 apps, which have access to system-level hardware like GPU modules, accelerometers, and so on.

While WebOS sounds like it would be a good fit for Intel, HP apparently wants to hang onto the OS... for printers. So says this VentureBeat report, which claims HP wants potential WebOS buyers to commit to licensing the OS back to HP. The desire to put WebOS on printers isn't a new one, but it could hamper HP's ability to sell the operating system.

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