1. Futurelooks does Handspring Springboard module roundup
  2. SystemLogic reviews Portable Innovations MemPlug module for Handspring Visor
  3. Dan's Data reviews ACE CAD Acecat Flair USB graphics tablet
  4. USB Workshop on OrangeUSB 2.0 PCI card and Sony Digital Relay drive
  5. LinuxLookup's TOTW: what's the diff?
  6. Rojak Pot's Windows 2000 hints & tips rev. 3.5
  7. Tech Extreme's rants and raves
  8. hardCOREware on spending $1000 (systems guide)
  9. Website du jour:

  1. TweakTown has MSI K7T266 Pro PDF and 'exclusive' KT266 BIOS + drivers (also at VIAhardware)
  2. Ace's Hardware on VIA's KT266: the Socket A champion?
  3. Neoseeker reviews Gigabyte GA-7ZXR rev. 2.1
  4. Technoyard reviews ECS P6SSM micro-ATX
  5. Extreme Overclocking does 256MB RAM comparison: OCZ vs. Kingmax TingyBGA
  6. OCA previews TweakMonster copper RAM sinks

  1. Demos from Tranzmit: Ozone by Hansa, No Dancerz by Melting Pot, and On The Rush 2 by Melting Pot
  2. GamePC reviews Viewsonic VG175 17" LCD display
  3. Digit Life reviews Canon EOS D30
  4. HardwareOC reviews OCZ Gladiator HSF
  5. GiBTEK reviews Juno P6 case
  6. FrostyTech reviews GlobalWin WBK-38 cooler
  7. UK Gamer reviews Arctic Silver II
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