Forum leaks spill Ivy Bridge model details

The folks at CPU World have gleaned new details on Intel's upcoming Ivy Bridge lineup from information leaked in several forum posts. The information is split between two articles and covers 18 different CPU models. Based on those model specifications, it looks like Ivy Bridge will be a native quad-core design with 8MB of last-level cache, just like its Sandy Bridge predecessor.

As with Sandy Bridge, Hyper-Threading is being reserved largely for pricier Core i7 models. Turbo Boost appears to be available up and down the line, and there's no mention of Core i3 models at all. Indeed, the only dual-core chip in the bunch is the Core i5-3470T, which can execute four threads via Hyper-Threading.

The top-of-the-line Core i7-3770K will purportedly have a base clock speed of 3.5GHz with a 3.9GHz Turbo peak. Impressively, that CPU is expected to have a 77W thermal envelope—nearly 20W shy of the 95W TDP applied to the current Core i7-2700K. The i7-3770K's TDP is the highest in a range that extends down to 35W. Most of the chips are segmented into 77W, 65W, and 45W categories denoted by respective K, S, and T suffixes.

Ivy's low projected power consumption is certainly impressive, and I'm curious to see what it'll mean for overclockers. Sandy Bridge CPUs can be pushed to around 4.5GHz without too much effort. Even with modest air cooling, Ivy could go higher.

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