OCZ shrinks and improves its Talos 2 enterprise SSDs

OCZ has added another solid-state drive to its quiver of enterprise-oriented offerings. Today marks the introduction of the second generation of the company's Talos SSD line. While the original was only available in a 3.5" form factor, the new Talos 2 comes in a smaller 2.5" case, albeit one that looks beefier than the 9.5-mm thickness common among consumer SSDs.

The Talos 2 has a dual-port Serial Attached SCSI 6Gbps interface. The press release doesn't mention the drive's sequential transfer rates, but it does claim the Talos 2 can crank out up to 70,000 4KB IOps. Whether that figure applies to reads or writes is unclear. However, OCZ quotes a peak transaction rate of 42,000 IOps for a mixed workload made up of 75% reads, 25% writes, and 8KB transfers. The original Talos is rated for only 34,000 IOps in that particular workload.

OCZ credits the new Talos' performance to its gen-two Virtualized Controller Architecture, which includes "an intelligent complex command queuing structure with unique queue balancing algorithms." The company also points out the drive has built-in protection against data loss due to an unexpected power failure. End-to-end data protection is provided via support for the T10 Data Integrity Field standard.

The Talos 2 will be available in a range of capacities between 100GB and a terabyte. Multiple memory types are supported, including SLC, MLC, and enterprise-grade MLC NAND. The press release doesn't mention how much specific models will cost, though. Talos 2 drives are said to be sampling to OCZ's "strategic customers" now.

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