Anomaly: Warzone Earth giveaway winners chosen

If you weren't out on an early Thanksgiving retreat last week, you probably saw that we were giving away 20 copies of Anomaly: Warzone Earth. Developer 11 Bit Studios kindly volunteered the Steam licenses for the contest, and after gathering responses in our forum thread, we've now drawn our winners from the pool of contestants.

The winners are: andy9o, Ari Atari, Austin, Bensam123, clocktower, derFunkenstein, Dposcorp, emorgoch, Game_boy, ImSpartacus, khands, krazyredboy, Looking for Knowledge, MadManOriginal, MaxTheLimit, Meadows, phileasfogg, SomeOtherGeek, sonneillon, and StuG.

Congratulations! If you see your username above, you should have a private message from our business guy, Adam Eiberger, in your forum inbox shortly. Please respond as soon as you can to redeem your Steam code. Winners who don't respond by noon CST on Monday, December 5 will forfeit their prizes; we'll have to give their loot to new winners picked from among the remaining participants.

Once again, we'd like to thank the kind folks at 11 Bit Studios for making this giveaway possible. Thanks to all the TR readers who participated, as well. For more details about Anomaly: Warzone Earth, be sure to read our own Bruno Ferreira's blog post. Oh, and of course, those who didn't win in the giveaway can still grab the game on Steam for 10 bucks.

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