Linux-Windows virus

— 7:54 AM on April 3, 2001

Techweb has the story:

The appearance last week of the first known virus to infect both Windows and Linux caused no known damage but may be a harbinger of more dangerous viruses to come, security experts said.

The virus, called W32.Winux, was detected Tuesday, apparently having been posted by its inventor and e-mailed to antivirus company Central Command. W32.Winux itself is innocuous: It has no mechanism for spreading itself or "payload" for damaging computers, and it doesn't execute automatically when opened.

"We used to believe that Linux was much more secure just by dint of all the people who have examined and worked on it," Pensak said. "We've always known that Windows could be infected by viruses just by sneezing on it."

How Darwinian. The story continues here.

Update: ZDNet reports on a new Linux worm called "Adore."

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