Syndicate trailer has guns, lots of guns

Starbreeze Studios' first-person take on the Syndicate universe is due out early next year. Despite trampling on the original's isometric perspective, the new game has looked promising in early trailers. The latest one tackles the arsenal, and it looks like players will have no shortage of weapons to dispense with their enemies.

This Agent Tools trailer reveals that the game will have 19 weapons in total. On top of that, there will be 25 weapon upgrades and 87 attachments, which should ensure plenty of variety. I much prefer this approach to the Borderlands model, which distributes a bazillion different guns across the game world.

Fans of the first Syndicate game will be pleased to know that the new title pulls plenty of inspiration from the original's arsenal. I can see a menacing minigun, the raging inferno of a flamethrower, and a sufficiently imposing "swarm launcher" that appears to have replaced the gauss gun. The feel of those weapons and how they flow with the combat will be key to whether Syndicate succeeds as a shooter. You'll be able to get a first-hand taste on February 21, the game's scheduled release date for the PC.

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