Skyrim developer tools due out in January

User-created mods used to be a staple of the PC gaming industry. They're not as popular these days, probably because the tools required to create them aren't readily available for a lot of titles. Skyrim is different, though. There are already numerous mods out for the game, and Bethesda is set to unleash a full suite of developer tools in the new year.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun has been told that this so-called creation kit will be made up of the very same tools used by Bethesda to create the game. To get folks started, the creation kit will come with instructional materials, videos included. Integration with Valve's Steam Workshop promises to make mods easy to download, rate, and share with the world. Users will also be free to distribute their mods through existing sites.

Before January, Bethesda has one incremental update planned to address a number of bugs in the game. After the holidays, the firm is promising more frequent updates to address balancing issues and exploits. Those updates will hit first on the PC before migrating to consoles because Bethesda doesn't have to wait for approval from Microsoft or Sony.

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