Lucent announces ADSL over ISDN

Lucent Technologies announced today that they are now offering an ADSL module for their Stinger DSL access concentrator. This module will allow DSL services over existing ISDN or POTS lines. This looks like a great product to help migrate the existing ISDN infrastructure over to the newer and faster DSL technologies.
Providing enhanced capabilities for Lucent's Stinger, the ADSL-over-ISDN module will allow service providers to offer end users voice and data services as well as faster Internet access - at speeds up to 8 Mbps - simultaneously over existing ISDN lines.
The Stinger itself looks pretty cool: high port density, support for all existing DSL versions, and ATM or Frame Relay back-end support. I hope this technology will help accelerate high-speed Internet access into the sticks...for people like me. 28.8 rules....NOT!
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