New Command & Conquer game may be on the way

The Command & Conquer series doesn't, er, command quite the same following that it did in the 90s, but EA has been steadily releasing new titles under the franchise. The latest, Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight, came out just last year. As PC Gamer reports, we may now be due for another game in the series.

The site says EA registered no less than 15 new domain names last week, and those domains all hint at an upcoming C&C game titled Alliances. Among them are "," "," and ""

PC Gamer ties the domain registrations to a teaser video, released last month, of an upcoming game in the works at a new BioWare studio. (BioWare, of course, is owned by EA.) The video showed a tank blowing up some army vehicles in dusty city streets—a scene that might as well be straight out of a C&C game. The link between those two developments is admittedly tenuous for now, but it's there. At the very least, the prospect of breathing some life back into the C&C series is an appealing one.

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