2GB Battlefield 3 PC update rolling out today

If, like me, you've sunk far too many hours into Battlefield 3's multiplayer, you'll be happy to know that a huge update full of bug fixes and balance tweaks is due out today. In fact, it's probably out already. DICE's Mikael Kalms posted on the official forums on Friday to say the update roll-out would begin at 8AM GMT on December 6.

The update includes both server-side and client-side components, with the latter weighing in at an elephantine 2GB. Kalms attributes the client update's huge footprint to its inclusion of "most of the content" from the upcoming Back to Karkand expansion, which is due out on December 13. Thankfully, he says, future expansions will be optional downloads.

The change log in Kalms' post lists a total of 29 bug fixes and 34 balance adjustments. DICE has purportedly eliminated several crash-inducing bugs, and it's made other much-needed balance tweaks, like reducing the blinding power of the tactical light and limiting the range of the IRNV night-vision scope. I'm more wary of some of the other changes, though. For instance, DICE says it's "slightly decreased the accuracy for all weapons on fully automatic."

Seasoned players will probably want to check the forum post for a full list of changes. Others will probably find their eyes glazing over, so look at your own peril.

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