DirectX 11 patch released for Batman: Arkham City

Aside from its frustrating onion-like layers of copy protection, Batman: Arkham City had one other little problem when it hit PCs last month: broken DirectX 11 support. Developer Rocksteady Studios has now released a patch that purportedly addresses DirectX 11 issues "for the majority of players" and squashes a handful of other bugs, as well.

The list of fixes includes:

  • Performance / hitching issues have been greatly improved for running in DX 11.
  • An issue with players running out of Video Memory or encountering a Rendering Thread Exceptions has been addressed. This was primarily affecting 32-bit Operating Systems.
  • A progression block after defeating Ra’s Al Ghul has been fixed. This was an issue that occurred primarily on lower end computer setups and is described as Batman not readying his Reverse Batarang.
  • A crash that occurred when scrolling between the Character Bios and Arkham City Stories has been fixed.
  • A crash that occurred when selecting “Press Start” immediately when available at the Title Screen has been fixed. The issue was described as crashing/hard locking around the DLC (Downloadable Content) check.

If you're puzzled over the "majority of players" part, here's the deal. Rocksteady says Steam users running 32-bit versions of Windows Vista and Windows 7 "should avoid running the game under DX 11 until further notice." That would seem to suggest everyone else is okay as long as they're running a 64-bit version of Windows or not using Steam.

Alas, multiple responses to Rocksteady's post in the Arkham City forums hint that the DirectX 11 bugs are still very much alive and kicking, even among users of 64-bit operating systems. One writes, "this patch doesnt fix bad performance for me in dx11 its a bit better but still stutters." Another, who claims to be runing dual GeForce GTX 580 graphics cards and Windows 7 x64, adds, "Sadly didnt fix anything for me either, Still getting crazy low Fps no matter what settings i choose (drops to 20's)." Rocksteady may have some more work to do.

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