GeForce 600M series brings new names, old silicon

Apparently, AMD doesn't have a monopoly on rebadging old parts. We've noticed that Nvidia has quietly added a trio of GeForce 600M-series GPUs to its notebook lineup: the GeForce 610M, GeForce GT 630M, and GeForce GT 635M. These are the first members of the 600M-series product line, and like the AMD Radeon HD 7000M-series products that came out earlier today, they appear to be lower-end offerings based on old silicon. Their specifications are as follows:

  GeForce 610M GeForce GT 630M GeForce GT 635M
Stream processors 48 96 144 or 96
GPU clock speed 900 MHz 672 MHz 675 or 753 MHz
Memory type DDR3 DDR3 DDR3/GDDR5
Memory bus width 64 bit 128 bit 192 bit
Max. mem. bandwidth 14.4 GB/s 28.8 GB/s 43.2 GB/s
Nvidia 3D Vision No Yes Yes

Look familiar? AnandTech points out that these 600M parts are straight-up rebadged versions of the GeForce 520MX, GeForce GT 540M, and GeForce GT 550M. Everything, down to the GPU silicon, shader configurations, and clock speeds has reportedly remained identical. By the looks of it, this launch is little more than marketing sleight of hand by Nvidia.

Just like AMD, though, Nvidia has left room in its model numbering scheme for higher-end offerings based on next-generation silicon. Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang actually talked up those future products in a recent financial conference call, saying his company had scored "more notebook design wins for the Ivy Bridge cyle than we ever had in notebooks." He attributed that success to Nvidia's upcoming Kepler GPUs, which were purportedly "designed for intense energy efficiency." Clearly, there's something to look forward to in the GeForce 600M lineup—it just ain't here yet.

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