Serious Sam 3 pits pirates against invincible enemy

In the world of big-name PC games, DRM is largely unavoidable. Most copy protection schemes are annoying, some are tolerable, and others just make you laugh. The copy protection built into Serious Sam 3: BFE certainly falls into that third category. Folks who pirate the game will be greeted by a rather special bonus character.

Dubbed the immortal fast scorpion, this enemy appears to strike early in the game. The player is armed only with a pistol at that point, but the scorpion's invulnerability makes any offense moot. Versus the dual assault rifles wielded by the scorpion, I'm surprised the player in the YouTube video lasted as long as he did.

Serious Sam 3: BFE relies only on Valve's Steam content delivery platform to make sure players have legit copies of the game. I don't expect it will take crackers too long to patch the scorpion out of existence, but I've gotta hand it to Croteam for making me chuckle in the meantime. Serious Sam 3 costs $40 right now, although it's only managed to score 71% on Metacritic. To be fair, the game's user score is much higher at 8.9 out of 10. Don't ask me why Metacritic uses different scales for its critic and user scores.

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