HP to bring back $99 TouchPad... sort of

Remember how, after HP announced plans to nix webOS, TouchPad tablets flew off store shelves at $99 a pop? It looks like we're due for an encore. According to SlashGear, HP will stage a repeat of this summer's fire sale by peddling refurbished TouchPads on eBay for—you guessed it—$99.

The devices will go on sale at 6 PM CST on Sunday through HP's eBay store. SlashGear says says sales will be final, devices will have only 90 days of warranty coverage, and you'll be able to grab either the 16GB tablet for $99 or the 32GB version for $149. Oh, and for an extra $79, HP will sell you an "additional 3-piece accessory bundle" made up of a "case, charging dock, and wireless keyboard."

I'm sure some folks will be delighted to get cheap tablets—the not-so-computer literate, for instance, not to mention modders. That said, a refurb of a defunct product with a 90-day warranty seems a little rough to me, even for $99. Then again, I suppose you get what you pay for.

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