Poll: What's the best PC game of 2011?

This holiday season has been a busy one on the PC gaming front. Looking back, so has the year as a whole. We've been treated to a myriad of releases spanning multiple genres, and a number of titles have been particularly good. Battlefield 3 and Portal 2 stand above all the rest for me, but I've not yet had the time to sink my teeth in a few of the other new games that have collected in my Steam folder. Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Batman: Arkham City are next in the queue, and both have received heaps of critical acclaim.

If you go by Metacritic scores alone, Portal 2 and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim tie for best PC game of the year. We've assembled a larger list of options for our own best-of-2011 list, and you can vote for your favorite in our new poll. Votes can be cast below or in the middle column on the front page. If your favorite game of the year isn't on that list, feel free to mention it in the comments.

Our last poll asked voters to select the upcoming chip that glows most prominently on their radar. Intel's Ivy Bridge CPU took the top spot with 38% of the vote, suggesting that CPU upgrades are on a lot of folks' minds. A fair number of people (15%) are eagerly anticipating AMD's Trinity processor, which will meld Radeon graphics with Piledriver CPU cores. More of you are looking forward to AMD's new discrete Radeons, though. 21% of the vote went to the Southern Islands GPU that will underpin AMD's next-gen graphics cards, while only 12% have Nvidia's incoming Kepler GPU at the top of their list. More folks (14%) chose instead to channel Krogoth; they're really not impressed with any of the upcoming chips from AMD, Intel, or Nvidia.

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