Release roundup: Storage, RAM, and USB 3.0 headers

The flow of press releases is winding down as the holidays draw near. We've still got enough miscellaneous announcements for another edition of the release roundup, though. This week, the announcers are Antec and Super Talent:

  • Antec offers USB 3.0 adapter for P280 and Eleven Hundred cases. This is more of a public service announcement than a product launch. Antec's new P280 and Eleven Hundred enclosures power their front-panel USB 3.0 ports using internal connectors, but some users don't have the corresponding headers on their motherboards. Now, those users can get in touch with Antec, either through the firm's support site or by phone at 1-800-22ANTEC, and request free USB 3.0 to USB 2.0 header adapters. Just have your proof of purchase ready.
  • Super Talent enters the Pro/Enthusiast SSD market. Say hello to latest line of solid-state drives to adopt SandForce's 2200 controller: the Super Talent TeraNova series. (No, Stephen Lang isn't involved.) According to Super Talent, these drives can achieve top read and write speeds of over 500MB/s, and their firmware is tuned for "optimizing the transfer rate at various queue depths." There's apparently some special sauce to prevent data corruption in the event of a power loss, too. Shipments of the drives kicked off today; look for them soon in 60, 120, 240, and 480GB flavors.
  • Super Talent introduces quad-channel, quad rank DDR3 RDIMMs. Super Talent's new W13RC8G8x 8GB RDIMM module is specially aimed at server systems with 16-core processors and quad-channel memory controllers—in other words, AMD's Opteron 6200-series "Interlagos" processors. The modules have "passed vigorous testing using the new AMD Interlagos compatible motherboards," Super Talent says, and they can run at speeds of up to 1066MHz. You can purportedly deck out a server with 128GB of RAM using these bad boys.

Unfortunately, neither Antec nor Super Talent have released pictures, so this week's release roundup is all text and no eye candy. CES is just over a month away, though. I'm sure we'll see a deluge of fresh goodies before too long.

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