Asus readying convertible Windows 8 ultrabook?

One of the first companies to hop on the ultrabook bandwagon, Asus is now getting ready to sprinkle some tablet PC onto its ultrabooks. Quoting "industry sources," DigiTimes reports that Asus will unveil a Windows 8-based convertible ultrabook tablet at the Computex trade show in Taipei, Taiwan next June.

Word is that the machine will have a "swivel screen" and will become available together with Windows 8 in September. (I don't believe Microsoft has committed to a September launch, but you know how those rumors go.) DigiTimes hints that Intel is backing the idea, too, and has been showing a similar design concept to "downstream partners."

I wouldn't be surprised if the Asus system mirrored today's tablet PCs, featuring regular notebook guts, a full keyboard and touchpad, and a premium price compared to non-convertible ultrabooks. With Windows 8 emphasizing touch input and providing a compelling touch-based interface, however, perhaps convertible ultrabooks will turn out to be less of a niche category than convertible tablet PCs have been.

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