Borderlands sequel promises more diversity

Although I had a lot of fun with the original Borderlands, the endless grinding eventually turned me off the game. Collecting loot and leveling up are a big part of the Borderlands experience, but there just wasn't enough variety to hold my attention. I grew tired of picking up the countless items and weapons dropped by enemies only to learn that they were only slightly different than what I'd gathered previously. Fortunately, it looks like there will be a lot more variety on tap in the sequel, as Borderlands 2 Concept Designer Scott Kester explains in this video.

Kester acknowledges that some of the loot from the first game was too similar, and diversity is apparently one of the buzzwords being attached to the sequel. Borderlands 2 will purportedly serve up more variety on all fronts, including the game's classes, enemies, environments, weapons, and loot. Keester is also quick to point out that Gearbox isn't messing with the formula that made the original so successful. It's hard to take the guy too seriously when there's a pair of possibly Duke Nukem-themed briefs hanging off the shelf just over his shoulder, though.

Borderlands 2 isn't expected until later next year, so there's plenty of time for Gearbox to spice up Pandora and its inhabitants before the final release. Thanks to Rock, Paper, Shotgun for the tip.

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