Indilinx-based Petrol SSD joins OCZ's lineup

OCZ has added another Indilinx-based SSD to its stable. The Petrol is a budget offering that uses the same Everest controller as OCZ's recently released Octane solid-state drive. If you read our review of the Octane, you'll know that it comes in standard and S2 flavors. The regular Octane drives use synchronous NAND and sport 6Gbps Serial ATA interfaces, while the S2 models employ slower asynchronous memory chips and 3Gbps SATA links. With asynchronous NAND and a 6Gbps interface, the Petrol appears to slot in between the two Octane flavors.

The press release announcing the Petrol promises sequential transfer rates up to 400MB/s, but it isn't specific about whether that's for reads or for writes. The drive's 35,000-IOps rating is similarly nebulous, although that figure almost certainly applies to random reads. Existing members of the Octane family are rated for 37,000 random-write IOps and less than 20,000 random writes. Those Octane drives also offer peak read speeds in excess of 500MB/s and writes as fast as 400MB/s.

Octane SSDs come with 25-nm NAND chips from Intel, but OCZ will rely on other vendors to provide the Petrol's flash chips. The drive is slated to be available in 64, 128, 256, and 512GB capacities priced at $90, $150, $340, and $650, respectively. Those price tags are pretty low, and I'd expect rebates or other discounts to be attached when the Petrol hits shelves in the coming weeks. Shortly after making its debut, the Octane is already $20 off at Newegg.

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