Alan Wake dribbles onto Steam in 2012

Some 20 months after releasing Alan Wake on the Xbox 360, developer Remedy Entertainment has confirmed the game is heading to the PC. While a specific launch date hasn't been provided, PC users will apparently be able to immerse themselves in the narrative-driven thriller some time in the first quarter of next year. The game will be sold on Steam and come with The Signal and The Writer DLC.

Remedy's press release doesn't address why it took so long for Alan Wake to be ported over to the PC, but it does promise "high-resolution polish." Improving upon the game's 720p console resolution wouldn't take much. I'm a little surprised no mention is made of DirectX 11 effects, higher-resolution textures, or other bits of eye candy one might associate with a PC port arriving this long after the original's release. Beyond its additional pixels, the lone screenshot provided by Remedy reveals no apparent visual upgrades over the console version.

Alan Wake received plenty of critical acclaim when it came out, scoring 83% on MetaCritic with a 79% user rating. The game's DLC add-ons aren't rated quite as highly, but they do add a few hours of gameplay. I spent a couple of hours trying to get into Alan Wake on the Xbox more than a year ago, and the game didn't really resonate with me. However, it definitely has unique flavor and an original plot, which can't be said for most console games that get ported over to the PC.

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