AMD CEO plays down hard-drive shortage concerns

The recent shortages in the hard-drive market have led Intel to revise its guidance, and analysts expect AMD and Nvidia to follow suit soon. Listening to AMD CEO Rory Read, though, one gets the impression that the shortages might not affect AMD too badly this quarter. Here's the skinny from MarketWatch:

Tuesday, AMD Chief Executive Rory Read said while there's pressure in the market, he doesn't "see major pressure in terms of the quarter." He said hard-disk supply in the channel at the beginning of the period has kept the market "going pretty well."

"In 1Q and 2Q, maybe you see some manifestations, but I wouldn't bet against the supply chain," Read said at a Raymond James conference. "They're very resilient."

As we noted on Monday, IHS expects the mechanical hard-drive shortages to cause a 3.8-million-unit shortfall in global PC shipments next quarter. The market research firm previously anticipated shipments of 88 million, but it revised that estimate to 84.2 million. "The PC supply chain says it has sufficient HDD inventory for the fourth quarter of 2011. However, those stockpiles will run out in the first quarter of 2012, impacting PC production during that period," says IHS analyst Matthew Wilkins.

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