Analyst blames other factors for Intel revenue warning

As we noted yesterday, Intel says recent shortages in the hard-drive market will cause it to miss its previous revenue estimate, but AMD's CEO doesn't seem nearly as worried. Is AMD being too optimistic, or is Intel using hard-drive shortages as an excuse to mask other problems? A research note recently quoted by EE Times points to the latter hypothesis.

Here's the relevant nugget from the research note, which was released by Nomura Equity Research:

HDD shortages are a concern, but we think weak sell-through is also contributing to the $1 billion shortfall. We see softness in China, continued demand for ARM-based more power-efficient devices, and low volumes for ultrabooks.

We'll have to see over the coming weeks whether other major chip vendors revise their financial forecasts, as well. That may prove or disprove the hypothesis better than any speculation or discussion could. Either way, it's not every day Intel stumbles and cuts a billion bucks from its revenue forecast. The company is more known for record-breaking quarters and ever-growing gross margin.

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