Gang Wars mixes up Max Payne multiplayer

More than eight years have passed since the last Max Payne game was released, but a third chapter in the game-noire franchise is due out in just a few months. We've already seen snippets of single-player action in the official trailer, and despite a change of scenery and a shaved head, Max looks and sounds like his old self—cheesy narrative and all. Now, IGN has details on the game's multiplayer component, which will feature a Gang Wars mode that's supposed to create its own storyline.

Interestingly, the main character will contribute only voice-over work to this new multiplayer mode. Players will take up the roles of opposing gang members battling for territory, cash, and kills. These gangs will feature heavily in Max Payne's single-player campaign, so players should be familier with mowing them down.

In an attempt to create more drama within each multiplayer round, one's performance in the current round will affect the objectives laid out in the next one. Teams that gained the most territory in one battle could find themselves defending that territory in the next. Particularly proficient killers may also have bounties put on their heads. A variety of mission types are promised, which should help to keep the action fresh.

Bullet time is a big part of Max Payne, and it'll be included in the multiplayer game—although not in a way that necessarily provides a combative advantage. When bullet time is invoked, any player within the user's field of vision will be able to take advantage of time slowing down. In addition to bullet time, there will also be special abilities that let players see the silhouettes of their enemies, disguise themselves as members of the opposing team, and cause opponents to see teammates as enemies. It's nice to see Rockstar doing something different with Max Payne multiplayer, and I'm intrigued to see how the new twists play out.

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