Release roundup: Fresh memory and gaming peripherals

Yeah, so, at this point, I think most hardware firms are saving their big launches for CES. That's become apparent in the dearth of new product announcements these past few weeks, and it's especially obvious this week. Our inbox has only collected press releases from Corsair and G.Skill:

  • Corsair announces retail availability of new keyboards and gaming mice. Remember those keyboards we talked about back in September? Corsair says they're now available at $109 for the K60 and $129 for the K90. Both models feature MX key switches and avant-garde designs where the keycaps appear to hover over the keyboard base. Corsair is also offering a pair of matching gaming mice, the $69 M60 and $79 M90, which feature 5700-DPI laser sensors and all kinds of gamer-friendly bells and whistles, including adjustable weights and DPI switching buttons. The M60 has 8 programmable buttons, while the M90 has 15.

  • G.Skill touts DDR3-2400 RipjawsZ quad-channel kit. Here's something a little more exciting on the memory front. G.Skill's new RipjawsZ quad-channel kit features eight "hand-tested, hand-picked" 8GB modules rated for operation at 2400MHz. The firm quotes a CAS latency of 10, and it says the modules have overclocking headroom. Impressive stuff. These are, of course, tuned for Intel's new Sandy Bridge-E processors, which have quad-channel memory controllers.

...and that's about it. I've gotta say, as a part-time clicky keyboard enthusiast, those Corsair keyboards look mighty tempting. It's too bad Corsair used linear and non-clicky MX red switches, though. In my experience, the clicky MX blue and tactile MX brown switches are better for typing—an activity that takes up much more of my time than gaming.

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