Purported Ivy Bridge prices leak

We're still months away from the release of Intel's Ivy Bridge CPUs, but already, one site claims to have unearthed pricing details on the new chips. CPU-World has a rundown that covers ten CPUs between the Core i5-3450 at $184 and the Core i7-3770K at $332. That range closely resembles Intel's existing pricing structure for Core i5 and i7 CPUs. (The existing Core i5-2300 starts at $177, while the i7-2700K rings in at $332.)

As with Sandy Bridge, fully unlocked K-series CPUs will command a bit of a price premium over their standard and low-power counterparts. The i7-3770K will purportedly cost $38 more than the standard i7-3770, while the i5-3570K will set you back an additional $11 over the i5-3550. In both cases, the K-series CPUs will reportedly run at higher default clock speeds than their non-K counterparts.

According to the rumor mill, standard and K-series Ivy Bridge CPUs will slip into 77W thermal envelopes. Intel will also have a range of S- and T-series CPUs with even tighter thermal ratings, but don't expect to pay a premium for them. CPU-World's price list suggests that those energy-efficient models will cost the same as standard Ivy Bridge chips, although they will run at slower clock speeds.

Those prices are particularly notable because they may not change much over Ivy Bridge's lifespan. Thanks in part to weak competition from AMD, Intel has been able to hold Sandy Bridge prices steady for nearly a year. Those prices are still fair based on the alternatives on the market, but I do miss the steady trickle of processor price cuts we enjoyed during more competitive times.

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