GeForce 290.53 beta drivers add Skyrim tweaks

Catching up with AMD's endless stream of new graphics drivers isn't easy, but Nvidia is also maintaining a steady flow of fresh GeForce driver updates. The latest one, labeled 290.53 beta, came out today and includes performance optimizations for Skyrim as well as other, miscellanous enhancements.

Nvidia presents the Skyrim tweaks in a bullet list, so you know they're serious business:

  • Increases performance by up to 25 percent vs. 290.36 drivers on indoor scenes (measured with GeForce GTX 560 at 19×10 Ultra).
  • Updates the NVIDIA Control Panel ambient occlusion support to a higher performance profile.
  • Adds new 3D Vision laser sight /crosshair options to better match Skyrim crosshairs.

Other additions include SLI and 3D Vision profiles for a number of new titles, including Trine 2. You'll find a complete list in the driver release announcement. Nvidia says owners of GeForce 400- and 500-series GPUs should no longer see "random instances of triangular artifacts" when playing Battlefield 3, as well.

You can grab these beta drivers through the beta and legacy drivers section of Nvidia's website.

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