GameFly to swallow up Direct2Drive early next year

Back in May, GameFly announced plans to acquire IGN's Direct2Drive service. Judging by the FAQ page that recently appeared on the Direct2Drive website, the acquisition will soon bear fruit. Direct2Drive users are being told that, in "early January," their accounts will start being migrated to GameFly:

Right now, it's business as usual; you can continue to pre-order and buy games as you do today. We'll keep you informed and send you more details when everything is ready to go. In the meantime, your Direct2Drive account will work as it does now, and we will fully support new releases as usual.

At the beginning of next year, we'll migrate Direct2Drive services to GameFly. We'll take care of everything for you - transferring your account and purchase history to GameFly so you can pick up right where you left off (you'll just need to reset your password for security). If you already have a GameFly account, we'll combine the two.

The page goes on to explain the benefits of the GameFly Client, which came out as an open beta earlier this week, and which will apparently replace the Direct2Drive service. On the subject of purchase transfers, the page has this to say:

Once the transition occurs, your Direct2Drive purchases will be available on the GameFly Web site and in the GameFly Client. Some older titles may not be available immediately after the transition, and will be added later. Also, GameFly will not support game guides and other non-game files. To be safe, please download your purchases and non-game files from Direct2Drive by the first week of January.

Sounds like the transition may not be completely clean and could leave users stranded without some of their games. At least those folks will be able to console themselves with GameFly's "Unlimited PC Play" feature. (See our coverage of the GameFly Client's beta release for details.) Here's hoping the new service isn't a downgrade from the old one.

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