Bit-Tech showcases 2011's best mods

There was a time when modding one's PC involved little more than a spray paint and a window kit. That was years ago, and modding has evolved into a high art since. Today's best creations take countless hours to complete, and the end results often look more like expensive science-fiction props than working PCs. Bit-Tech has rounded up what it thinks are some of the most impressive mods of the year, and the site is asking for your help to choose the best one.

You'll find no shortage of variety among the more than two dozen entrants, and I'm rather fond of Peter Brands' L3p D3sk, if only because I've considered putting together a much uglier and less refined PC-in-a-desk system for myself. The nickel-plated coolant pipes of Alain Simpeis' White mod also speak to me, and I'm a sucker for the elegant simplicity of Jeffrey Stephenson's Mid Century Madness. Fortunately, Bit-Tech is letting folks spread a total of ten votes between the contenders. You do have to register for the site's newsletter to cast your vote, though.

Even if you don't vote, the collection of mods is worth checking out. After browsing through all the entries, I can't help but think that the term mod is entirely inadequate to describe the amount of work that has gone into some of the creations. These cases go far beyond mere modifications of existing designs.

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