Former AMD developer-relations head hired by Intel

Former AMD head of developer relations Richard Huddy has reportedly joined Intel. KitGuru appears to have the scoop on what could be an important development for Intel's graphics business. Huddy worked at Nvidia for several years before defecting to AMD in 2002, so he's spent quite a bit of time helping graphics hardware companies interface with game developers.

Gaming has always been a weak point of Intel graphics hardware. While things have improved immensely from the days when most new titles wouldn't even run on an Intel GPU, there's still plenty of work to be done—especially on the performance front. At best, Sandy Bridge's integrated graphics component can really only run the latest games at low resolutions and detail levels.

Huddy's official role at Intel hasn't been made public, but I'd expect him to continue in the developer relations field. Game developers certainly have an interest in getting their titles running as smoothly as possible on the graphics hardware lurking inside all of Intel's mainstream CPUs. A stronger developer relations effort could also help Intel make an impact in the discrete graphics market if it had a viable GPU to offer consumers.

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