Happy new year; our servers will briefly be flaky

We're working on our web servers this morning, so you're likely to see some brief down time, followed by a period of transition where some forum posts and comments may not be retained.

We're transitioning from one server to another by changing the DNS entry for techreport.com and friends to point to a new IP address. If you have any bizarre hard-coded host entries or wonky web caches, you may want to reset them in a half-hour or so.

If all goes as planned, most folks shouldn't even notice the change. Sit tight as we work through it, and we'll post an update when the transition is complete. Thanks!

Update: The vast majority of you should now be using the new server.  In fact, if you're seeing this update, you're hitting the new box.  Please, do let us know if anything looks flaky.  We can't always anticipate every little potential quirk.  Thanks!

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