Video teases slim HP Spectre laptop

Is HP on the verge of unveiling a new ultrabook? Maybe so. By way of an unnamed HP employee, gadget blog The Verge has posted an enigmatic video of a product dubbed the "HP Spectre." Take a look:

The teaser reveals little but tells us quite a bit. Its imagery is overtly suggestive of an ultra-slim notebook, perhaps an ultrabook. If we're at the teaser stage already, then the machine must be near release; and the timing of it all makes a debut next week at CES not just possible, but somewhat likely.

For its part, The Verge says the Spectre may be an upcoming, 14-inch member of HP's Envy family. One such machine apparently showed up at the FCC less than two weeks ago. The paperwork refers to it as the HP Envy 14 Spectre, which lends a lot of weight to that hypothesis.

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