Frozen Four edition

  1. George Breese's memory interleave enabler@VIAhardware
  2. Speedy3D reviews SmartOS Pro
  3. MadnessPC asks cable or DSL?
  4. 3D Center Germany on Serious Sam benchmarking
  5. Ars Technica reviews Clive Barker's Undying
  6. EverythingUSB on PCMCIA CardBay w/USB support and NetGear's wireless products
  7. PCinsight covers Comdex Canada West
  8. Case Modders Australia, littlewhitedog, and SystemLogic have giveaway contests
  9. NVIDIA GeForce 3 can be found on eBay (thanks ICe)
Systems and multimedia

  1. Digit Life's monthly hardware digest and Jazz ROCCO 5.1 speakers review
  2. 3DSpotlight reviews Abit SH6
  3. Neoseeker reviews Plextor Plexwriter 16/10/40 (TR's review is here)
  4. The-Ctrl-Alt-Del reviews MidiLand S4 3050M speakers
  5. Dan's Data reviews Aiptek VGA PenCam Trio
Cases and cooling

  1. GamePC reviews Lian Li PC-70 case
  2. Overclockers Online reviews Frozen CPU Blizzard 360 case
  3. Overclocker Cafe reviews ThermoSonic Thermoengine
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