2012 to bring a bounty of new PC games

2011 was a great year for games. Heck, I'm still nowhere near catching up on all the new releases from the last couple of months. It seems I'll have to work my way through them quickly, because the selection of incoming titles for this year looks rather impressive. Rock, Paper, Shotgun has put together an exhaustive list of PC games expected to be released in 2012, and it's a doozy.

The list covers everything from big-budget titles like Mass Effect 3 to indie games like Monaco. To be honest, I'd completely forgotten that some of these games were even on the way. Bioshock Infinite, Prey 2, and Dishonored had all slipped my mind during the flurry of holiday releases. Then there's Diablo III, Torchlight II, and a boatload of new MMOs that includes sequels to Guild Wars and Planetside. If you'd like a better sense of when each game is due, GameSpy has list of its own that can be sorted by the expected release date. Looks like I have more than a month to catch up before the Syndicate sequel demands my attention.

It's probably a little early for an official poll on the game you're most anticipating, but the topic is certainly worthy of discussion. Dishonored and Bioshock Infinite look the most intriguing to me largely due to their unique art styles. I'm also intently curious to see whether Tribes Ascend's free-to-play model can avoid penalizing players who resist the urge to spend money on upgrades and other in-game items. Which upcoming games are you itching to play this year?

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