IE6's demise celebrated... by Microsoft

Of all people, Microsoft is cheering Internet Explorer 6's long-awaited decline into irrelevance. In a post on the Windows Blog yesterday, the company revealed that IE6's U.S. usage share has fallen below 1% for the first time, according to figures by Net Applications. Microsoft celebrated the milestone at the Hacker News Seattle Meet-up—and yes, cake was served:

IE6's usage share is also under 1% in several other countries, including Austria, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Poland, and Sweden. Microsoft has been spurring the old browser's decline with its IE6 Countdown website, which shows worldwide usage share statistics and urges users to upgrade to Internet Explorer 9.

Of course, Microsoft hasn't been the only one actively campaigning for IE6's retirement. Google dropped support for IE6 in March 2010, and we followed suit when we put up our latest redesign on January 1, 2011. Considering the browser's atrocious implementation of old web standards and lack of support for new ones, it's a wonder IE6 managed to stick around so long. (The very first IE 6.0 release came out in August 2001.)

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