Steam hits five million concurrent players

Rumors of the PC's demise as a gaming platform have, once again, been greatly exaggerated. According to PC Gamer, Valve's Steam service hit a new milestone earlier this week: a whopping five million concurrent players.

The Steam stats page has since been updated with a lower figure, but it still tells us which games are captivating players. In the last 48 hours, the most-played title was Skyrim with a peak of almost 100,000 concurrent players. It was followed by Team Fortress 2, Counter-Strike (the original), Terraria, and Counter-Strike: Source.

Based on these numbers, I assume the five-million peak was due to a combination of the long weekend and Skyrim's potently addictive nature. As PC World points out, the recent Steam Holiday Sale no doubt played a role, as well. (Thanks to Rock, Paper, Shotgun for the link.)

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