Catalyst 12.1a driver lays groundwork for Rage update

There's a new Catalyst graphics driver out, but judging by the release notes, it's probably not much use to folks who aren't planning to play Rage again soon. According to AMD, today's Catalyst 12.1a preview driver includes all of the enhancements of last month's 12.1 preview release, but with added optimizations for an upcoming Rage update:

  • Resolves some new texture corruption issues introduced by the latest version of the game
  • Improved performance ~5%
  • Smoother game play and reduces multicore sync points
  • Fixed mapbuffer failures when switching maps on 32-bit systems.
  • Fixed a game crash when switching maps back and forth on 32 and 64bit systems

I don't believe I've seen id Software announce either the Rage update AMD talks about or a release schedule for it. That said, id technical guru John Carmack did reveal that the next Rage patch would introduce a "bicubic-upsample+detail texture option" that would "help alleviate the blurry textures" in the game.

For the time being, you can download the new Catalyst driver right here from AMD's support knowledge base site.

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