Latest rumors from Taiwan pin iPad 3 launch in March

Well, so much for all that talk about the iPad 3 coming out later this month. DigiTimes has backtracked on its previous report, posting a fresh story that says its Taiwanese industry sources now expect the iPad 3 to come out in March—and the fourth-generation "iPad 4" to follow in October.

DigiTimes maintains that the iPad 3 will have a 2048x1536 display, adding that it will have longer battery life and otherwise "not . . . so amazing" specifications. Word is now that the iPad 2 will be knocked down to $399 once the new device comes out, as well. DigiTimes had previously speculated Apple might offer the new tablet for a scant $399, with the iPad 2 to fall to $299, but that now seems doubtful.

As for the iPad 4, the site claims that device will coincide with the arrival of the first Windows 8 tablets. It will have a 9.7" display, just like the iPad 2, and will deliver "much upgraded hardware specifications and integrated applications." No word yet on what those upgrades will entail.

One thing's for sure: with the Kindle Fire and Android 4.0 already in the market, and Windows 8 to follow later this year, Apple's iPads will face unprecedented competition in 2012. That ought to keep things interesting, even if the rumor mill can't quite seem to nail down the specifics.

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