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7 Up

  1. hp Spectre teaser: part 2
  2. Asus confirms Win8 ARM
    tablet, 3G Transformer in March & new 10" tablet
  3. OMG Ubuntu reports 'Ubuntu TV' to be revealed at CES 2012
  4. DVICE: Microsoft's new holographic display breaks out from behind glass
  5. The NY Times confirms Nokia to introduce Lumia 900 on Monday
  6. Linux 3.2
  7. VG24/7: SWTOR update 1.1 is live on the Public Test Server


  1. TechCrunch: Selling Apple in October wasn't the
    best move
    , but not buying Google was worse
  2. AppleInsider: Apple to open new store-within-a-store outlet inside Target this year
  3. Engadget: Victorinox to launch 1TB USB / eSATA II flash drive with built-in LCD at CES
  4. reports Sony to give up OLED television for the mass market
  5. The Verge reports LG Cinema Screen Design thins out HDTV bezel to 1mm
  6. Engadget: Always Innovating HDMI dongle brings Android to your 'dumb TV'
  7. Nikon Rumors: Who wants to see the Nikon D800 on
  8. The Verge: Logic3 unveils Ferrari Scuderia and Cavallino headphones, speaker docks
  9. Engadget: Parrot launching new AR.Drone2.0 at CES?

  1. Forbes reports webOS gets surprise second life in health care
  2. Engadget: Aigo preps glasses-free 3D tablet because Avatar demands it
    and Polaroid launching new tablet, color screen e-reader at CES?
    and Pantech Element poster spied at AT&T store, launch coming
    next week for $300?
Software and gaming

  1. Hi Tech Legion reviews Nero 11 Platinum
  2. Bitmob: Shooters only need eight guns
  3. The NY Times profiles the King of Donkey Kong

  1. HT4U reviews Asus Eee Box EB1021 (in German)
  2. ThinkComputers unboxes the Gigabyte Z68XP-UD4 motherboard
  3. dpreview's Nikon D4 overview
  4. What Digital Camera's Nikon D4 hands-on first look review
  5. Joe McNally on shooting the D4
  6. TestFreaks review Epson Artisan 730 AIO printer
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